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Hangin' with Horst

Middendorf’s Owner Horst Pfeifer is always up to something interesting, fun or even surprising.  He’s always on the move.  In this “Hangin’ with Horst” video series, Horst allows us to follow him on his adventures, behind-the-scenes, and cooking up yummy dishes.   



  • Episode 1: Crabbing in Manchac, LAIn this very first episode of “Hanging with Horst,” Middendorf’s Owner Horst Pfeifer takes us crabbing with local fisherman in Manchac, LA. You’ll see them in action, pulling up crab trap after crab trap from the water. You’ll learn how to tell the differences in the crabs that are caught — Is it a #1, #2, Factory or Buster, and which ones do you throw back? Plus you’ll learn that it’s a really hard day’s work. It was tough just watching them while trying not to fall over (LOL)!
  • Episode 2: Pfeifer Farm — Tag along with Horst as he goes home for the day to take care of his animals. We like to call it “Pfeifer Farm,” and it’s a peaceful, happy place. Of course, there is a ton of work involved in farm life, but Horst says it’s “therapy.” And after visiting and taking it all in, we totally get it.
  • Episode 3:  Cooking at Home (The Pizza Episode) — Horst invites us into his Ponchatoula, LA home to make pizza, from the dough to the toppings.  As an European Master Chef and a  natural teacher, we feel like we can learn a thing or two from him.  A couple of special guests will stop by the house to try their hand at the wood fired pizza oven — Kiley from Middendorf’s Manchac and Belinda from Middendorf’s Slidell.  Good times ahead. Guten Appetit! 



Stay tuned for more episodes!



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