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Time Capsule

Do Not Open until 2084!



2019 marked the 85th Anniversary of Middendorf’s.  To mark the big occasion,  we installed a time capsule at Middendorf’s Manchac to be opened on May 16, 2084.

The time capsule, located on the ramp behind the hostess stand, contains memories and memorabilia from Middendorf’s and today’s world.  What will the future be like?  In 2084, will we still have hashtags (#dorfer4life), smartphones (with Middendorf’s on speed dial) or laminated menus (most of you know what you’re ordering before you get here anyway)?  The current stewards of Middendorf’s won’t be around to see the year 2084. Our hope is that the young Dorfers of today will come back to open the time capsule to discover the history inside and share their own memories made with loved ones and thin fried catfish. Life is celebrated at Middendorf’s.

  • The time capsule was installed during a special 85th Anniversary celebration at Middendorf’s Manchac on May 16, 2019. Guests helped fill the time capsule with memorabilia and memories of Middendorf’s and the year 2019.
  • The time capsule will not be opened until 2084. Middendorf’s will be 150 years old!
  • We installed the time capsule inside the restaurant so it won’t be subjected to the elements and so we don’t lose it.  We’ve seen that happen with some time capsules that have been buried.
  • The time capsule is officially registered with the International Time Capsule Society.
  • It is a Heritage Time Capsule made of composite with an integrated seamless foam gasket. It measures 19.8 x 18.2 x 10.3 inches.